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70 mark essay
David10 Junior Cert English — 04/06/16 8

Anyone have any predictions for what titles will come up in the 70 mark question in paper one?

FuckDaJC — 02/06/16
I'm just learning off the speech techniques and just do the speech
David10 — 02/06/16
Some of the speech titles aren't great though,eg "the modern worlds obsession with celebrities" is tough.
christinaxxc — 03/06/16
just prepare a essay that revolves around any title .If the paper says a title but you feel like your prepared story doesn't match just change your story a bit .It saves a lot of needed time doing this
David10 — 04/06/16
Like what sort of essay could I prepare?
Ryan_7996 — 04/06/16
Magical moments from my childhood
David10 — 04/06/16
Do u think magical moments from my childhood will come up or how could I fit that essay into different titles?
mathswhiz101 — 04/06/16
prepare a good short story and then shape it to whatever title comes up
David10 — 04/06/16
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