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    A in HL english? Ktluvsmusic

    I really want an A in HL English, and I usually do really well in summer/Christmas tests like high b's, A's. But in the mock I just about got a B, My area that seems to be getting me down is the drama and fiction, both studied and unseen, How do you give an A standard 25+/30 answer?

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      ka maaaaaaaaaa

      study realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly hard

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      learn lots of quotes, go over question structure and read:)

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      Don't worry about it. A lot of the time, the mocks, well in my case, were marked extremely harshly in order to give you an incentive to work harder.

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      They're quite similar to poetry in some aspects e.g you have to use quotes, they have themes and they have studied/unseen sections. But also remember to learn about the settings, main scenes, main themes, main characters and more. Ask your teacher if you are having trouble with certain sections.

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      I would say that if you've been getting good grades at summer/Christmas you should do well in the J.C., however just to be sure go over as many past unseen questions as you can, the same sort of thing comes up every year. You'll get so used to answering them that by the 4th you'll have no problem.

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