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    Developing answers? EMILY996

    Hello :)

    Well I would love an A in English. I got 78% in the mocks. The problem is that I tend to write too little. My teacher keeps telling me that I need to be writing more but I have run out of things to say! Any advice ? How do you find things to say in answers?

    Thanks :)

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      Perhaphs your points are too broad. I tend to think of a point then see if i can make smaller points out of that point and develop them fully. Well i didnt do that in my mocks but i will as of now. I got 70 in my mocks so i wouldn't blame you if you didn't listen to me :P

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      Well i think I got like 60 something in my mocks but that's before I tried out a new brainstorming technique I do for my religion essays (and I get 85%+ in religion)

      I did it for an essay out teacher gave us for homework and I got an A2/B1 for it.

      Bascially, Brain story out the topic or question. So for example, a poet and themes.

      Theme> Love> mention two poems > another theme> bring in two poems.

      Then I kinda branch off a little and go more indepth with it.

      Then I label up way I'm going to use the brain storm and which way fits in best. Then I usually go.

      Paragraph 1= Introduction to poet, etc

      Paragraph 2= Mention poem one, refer back to question

      3= another poem, refer back to question

      4= Poem

      5= Poem

      6= mention 2 poems but not as much in depth

      7= Personal opinion (only like 3 lines)

      8= Conclusion refering back to the question and summery of everything all together.

      That's just how I do it and my grands in English have risen. I used to get D3's now I get B3s or C1s. So that's just a tip on tackling questions and how to go about it :)

      It works for me, but I'm just a methodical sort of person.

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      Thanks a load! I'll try both  of them out :)


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      Just see which way works best for you :)

      Best of luck to you in the exams :)

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      My teacher has always said that you should write 1 point for every 5 marks the question is worth. Eg: 15 mark question you should write 3 points

      Also, she said write like 1 1/2 pages for the 30 mark questions and 3-4 pages for the personal essay

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      Always do 1 point for every 5 marks, meaning 1 paragraph. While answering questions on poetry and fiction (i.e. Things that are given to you) , your paragraph will need a PQE (Point, Quote and Explain)

      Point - Highlight the main message you are getting across, Quote - Choose words from the text (Not too many) that prove your point, and Explain - Show how the quote proves your point, bringing the answer back to the question. i.e. In your opinion, who is your favourite character? (Point & Quote) and then , 'Because of this, In my opinion, my favourite character would have to be......' (Explain)

      This is the method works best for me!

      P.S. NB When writing, always include EVERY detail. Don't expect the examiner to just know what you mean.Think of it as if you are writing it to someone who has never read the novel/passage/poem before!

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      My teacher says to 'PQE'. This stands for Point Quote Explain.It's really good and easy to remember.

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      Any tips for timing? I found I had loads more to say but had to stick to the essentials because I was tied for time. I write a lot faster than most people and if I tried to go even faster my writing would suffer. I really dont know what to do because I want an A in english and have the ability but just not enough time.

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      I use the PQE Method. Point Qoute Explain. In second year i used to get Ds and now i have a new english teacher for the junior cert and he teached me this method. For using this method i got a B in the mocks...

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