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    English JC essay 2013 rachellebowden1

    Along with some of you I had English paper 1 and 2 today. For anyone who doesn't have their exam paper, the final essay option was: Write an essay entitled "Sucess" with all these things in it: (4 points) There was a list of 4 points but I misread the question and only included one. How many marks could I get docked for this?

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      Unfortunately, the Marking Schemes for the English paper is not on so I don't think there's any way to know.

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      Maybe you added one or two of the other 3 without even realising. You never know

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      In the junior cert

      Content is 20

      Structure 15

      Expression 30

      Grammer 5

      If you feel your english was good and you wrote a good essay then dont worry about it.No looking back just forward you will pick up marks in other place anyways :) Dont think about it and Read the questions in Irish haha!

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      I agree with Onedirection. But just so you know, if you do lose marks for this, I'd say you'd probably lose some of the marks for Content.

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      Thanks guys :)

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