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    English Poetry!? :'( :O yes this is my user name

    I'm doing my junior cert and i have no idea how to answer the studied poetry questions! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

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      I'd say you should just learn off quotes. Learn themes, the tone of the poem, and the style of the writing. Also try your best to get the appropriate length into the answer. Don'tforget to learn the poet's name either :P

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      Always quote!

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      julie sally

      Since it is so close to the exams I would learn quotes from about five poems which deal with different topics ( war, love,nature,life paths etc.). Make sure to study two poems by the same poet ( Digging(life paths) and Mid-term break (death) by Seamus Heaney) and two poems with the same theme. Learn quotes which go with the techniques in apthe poem. Finally, allocate one paragraph to every 5 marks and include a summary of your points at the end. If you do this you should get an A or B grade in this section.

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      Most important things 1. Mention name of Poem and Poet 2. Use Quotes from your chosen poem 3. You may be asked to choose a poem, 2 poems OR a poet 4. Learn about the themes of the poem 5. Learn the poetic terminologies e.g themes, tones, assonance, alliteration ect 6. Learn what kind of tone the poem has 7. Check if the poem includes assonance, alliteration ect 8. Do not just learn about 1 poem/poet in case you're asked about 2 poems or the poems that the poet makes may not fit in with the theme(s) requested

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