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    English .. laurenodwyer14

    the differences between a Tabloid and broadsheet??

    and what could newspapers editors do to encourage younger people to read more newspapers regularly

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      Hi! Here is a list of things to distinguish a tabloid from a broadsheet:


      -Cost less

      -Easier to read and carry (A3 paper), more portable and convenient

      -Eye-catching / attractive attention (particularly front page)

      -Tries to shock

      -Different advertisements than broadsheets

      -Free 'stuff', gimmicky

      -More colourful

      -More sport (especially football)

      -Younger audience

      -More slang and innuendo

      -Can be more biased

      -Less detailed. Information might not be accurate

      -Celebrities, gossip, scandal, entertainment

      -Catchy phrases

      -Pictures and headlines are most important (they use alliteration and rhyme)

      -More comic strips


      -More expensive

      -Bigger (A2 paper)

      -More information and news

      -There are business people

      -More educational, political

      -Older audience

      -More sophisticated language

      -More pages

      -Contents page at the front (Index)

      -Could be considered 'boring'

      -More reliable and accurate

      -More supplements

      -Smaller writing, more dense (harder to read)

      One way for newspaper editors to encourage younger people to read more newspapers is by putting up stories and headlines they would want to read. They could also make the language more accessible (easier to read) for the teenagers.

      Hope this helps :)

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