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    English essays? HKelly98

    The essays is whats really bringing me down. In the mocks I only got 35 marks out of 70 for my essay what should I do? Does anyone have any essays I can use?

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      The 1st thing you should do is find out what kind of personal writing suits you. Debates/speeches, short stories, essays, diary entries etc.

      Make sure to have good openings and endings to your writing e.g For a debate "Ladies, gentlemen, adjudicators, members of the opposition, members of the proposition etc. I will be discussing the motion "...." and I will be telling you why I urge you to agree/disagree with this motion. I will be talking about ...., ....., and ......". Then to finish off, "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that I have convinced you to agree/disagree with this motion. I have discussed ...., ..... and ....." or something along those lines.

      Make sure to use fairly long or unusual words but make sure it makes sense. Replace short or dull words with other words e.g instead of "I got sick", say "sickness overcame me". Also, replace verbs like "got" with "recieve", or "obtained" etc.

      Be careful with spelling and grammar. If you're finished early, read over your answers and watch out for any spelling/grammar mistakes. Don't use long, complicated words if you don't know how to spell them. My teacher says "If in doubt, leave it out". Also, punctuation (Full stops, question marks etc) are important

      Make a plan before writing your essay. Make sure you write about your openings, the points you're going to make and your ending. Use 1 paragraph for each point to have more of a structure in your answer, and make sure to use paragraphs.

      Don't use slang. Unless you have a character in a story who says something in a different accent or who always uses slang, like. Don't use text language ever e.g gr8, lol, omg

      Finally, remember you can write using your own personal writing e.g argumentative, narrative, informative, persuasive, creative

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      11ND - CCM

      I like writing narrative essays. This is all about telling stories and I find something that works well for me when writing essays is catching the examiner at an interesting juncture in the person's life. For example, I like trying to start it with something like: the punch John threw landed with a crunch on Tom's jaw", and the work backwards from there, explaining how it came to be that way.

      Obviously you won't be able to start every essay that way, and certainly only narrative styles but I think it's a good way to catch their attention which is very important to do.

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