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    English- study sonia15

    Hi, has anyone got any tips on how to study for English?? Should I have a few essays prepared before hand? And if so what are the titles that usually come up? E.g. in Irish timpiste comes up a lot... Thanks

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      English essays are different to Irish sceal. Plan your essays be4 and practise essays from past papers.

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      well theres normally just regular essays and then a debate or sppeech... i personally would go for the regular essays but thats up to you :) just practice and do extra essays and ask your teacher to grade them to see how you are doing :)

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      thanks :) we haven't touched on media studies or any of that just poetry, our drama and our novel ! any tips what to do before mocks ;(

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      11ND - CCM

      Our English class is so far behind, s'not even funny.. We joined with another class to form a higher class this year and because the other class did nothing last year, we have to do a 2 Year course in 1 year and our class starts about 10 minutes late each day because everyone talks.. We haven't even touched on a lot of the topics, never mind ok how to answer a question. Ahhhhh

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      we are in the same boat then so... good luck with your mocks :)

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      sonia15 wow really! our novel took 4 months to do last year and it took 2 months to do our drama! but we still havent done media studies either... still just look notes up on the internet and change it to suit what your doing, i guess... :) goodluck!

      just write out character notes, notes on key scenes, and relationship notes between 2 main characters... for novel and play :)

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      If you havent done paper 1 yet, you can probably answer the reading section anyway. But make sure you can answer personal writing well, as that is worth 70/180 marks for paper 1. Media studies requires some info on different forms of media, their advantages/disadvantages, tabloids/broadsheets and target markets.

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      thanks so much.... getting the time to do this will be fun ;) we started our play last year and our novel :) thanks

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      11ND - CCM

      I might just need a bit of luck. Reading all of the advice is scarier than helpful to me. English is probably the subject where we are the most screwed haha. Only thing is, we have done our novel and nearly finished our drama. Just all the other sections to do now :) wooooohooo good luck to you too :D

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      Ino only 2 weeks til the mocks! Where's the time going? Good luck :) thanks for the tips

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      The best way to study for English

      1.definitely have essays prepared before hand if you don't have an idea of what essay topics pop up go back to the past exam papers on examinations. ie !

      2.Ask your teacher to choose the best essays you've written and have at least 3 good quality essays with different topics with you for your exam.

      3.Have a folder with different sections like poems notes and media studies

      Hope this helps

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      thanks but unfortunately running out of time!! less than 2 weeks til the mocks! :(

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      its the same with me here , we just talk about miley cyrus and our teacher doesnt even correct the work we give her!!

      i suggest for studied drama learn off act3 scn1 if u do r+j by william shakespeare like me

      focus on the main scene/chapter of the studied stuff where the storyline changes

      as for media studies i have no clue, sorry

      try not learn an essay off , just learn a storyline so u can adapt to the titles

      hope it helped

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