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    I need help shanegalligan

    I don't know were to start studying for my English exams. I need help

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      The most important thing for Paper 1 is Personal Writing. For that, make sure you are familiar with writing Short Stories, Debates or Essays as at least 1 of each always comes up.

      I prefer debates. Debates are the most formal of them all. One debate comes up every year. The topics of these debates are usually based on school, sport and young Irish people, so be familiar with these topics if you choose debates. In your introduction, you must have an appropriate opening e.g "Ladies, gentlemen, adjudicators, members of the opposition, members of the proposition, I will be discussing the motion .... and I will be telling you why I urge you to agree/disagree with the motion". You must also say what you are going to discuss in your answer.

      Make sure to have a plan for your personal writing. Don't write without knowing what you're going to discuss in your answer. Try to use good vocabulary. Replace dull, short words like "got" with "receive, became, obtained" etc. Be careful with spelling and grammar mistakes. Read over your answer and look out for spelling, grammar or punctuation (Full stops, question marks etc) mistakes


      For reading, the answers can be found in the comprehension, but don't write word for word, and feel free to include some of your own personal insights. Reading isn't the most important part of the exam because anybody can get 20/40 marks easily without trying.

      Media Studies requires some knowledge of broadsheets/tabloids, target audience etc. I think it's the only section which certain terminology needs to be understood. For Media Studies and Functional Writing, make sure to be familiar with layouts, reviews, different forms of media, speeches etc.

      For paper 2, I'd say learn your studied drama/fiction/poetry well and you should be fine. Do your studied questions first. I then choose to do unseen fiction, then unseen poetry and then unseen drama. Do your strongest subjects first and weakest last

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