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    Improvement. Help Ciararm

    I need tips to write quality essays for English.


    If there are any good websites, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks

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      Firstly answer the question EG what is your first impression of Jack? My first impression of Jack is that he is strong-willed, moral and decisive. Then you want to expand on that, include evidence from the text and bring your opinion into it! and lastly you want to have a closing sentence that links back to the question EG it is evident that Jack is strong-illed, moral and decisive! A big tip is just answer the question, don't go off topic :) think of PEC POINT, EXAMPLE COMMENT you also need good vocab get yourself a thesarus :) and anytime you come across a word you don't know look it up also we are doing a play right now and we play a game in class where everyone stands up and the teacher chooses a character in the play and you have 5 second to think of a characteristic eg Romeo is petulant etc, the words can't be repeated otherwise you sit down and you are out :) ask if you can play that game it will really get your brain thinking on the spot aka in exams

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      pqe point quote explain

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      This site has a lot of notes for JC English

      Hope it helps :)

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      Also here's a tip for answering questions in the comprehension sections:

      Remember: S.E.E.




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      Thanks for all the helpful tips!

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      no problem just try your best

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