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    Merchant of venice relationships paugetoole16

    what is the most important relationship in the merchant of venice and where can i find notes on it?

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      Portia and Bassanio. There are many charcteristics of this relationship such as despair to be with eachother when Portia says "Come Nerissa, for I long to see Quick Cupid's post that comes so mannerly." We see a sense of equality and unity between Portia and Bassanio also. We see this when Portia wishes to help Antonio because she feels that any friend of Bassanio is a friend of hers. She says "Offer him [Shylock] six thousand ducats." We also see disloyalty when Bassanio gives away his ring to Dr. Balthasar who is actually Portia in disguise. She says "I'll take this ring," and Bassanio reluctantly hands it over to Balthasar (Portia).

      Antonio is a prime influence on this relationship as he gives Bassanio the money to travel to Belmont and win Portia's hand in marriage "My purse, my persons, my extremest means lie all unlock'd to your occasions."

      Antonio is the one who causes Bassanio to give away his ring. "Give him [Balthasar (Portia)] the ring"

      Antonio causes POrtia to forgive Bassanio!

      Sorry if thats too long.

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      Thanks. Helped alot

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