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    Play/Drama The Field sonia15

    Hi does anyone have any notes on the Field by John B. Keane? Or any tips on how to answer this question on the papers..... doing the junior cert in June... :(

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      Try take a look at this

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      Thank you :)

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      I always talk about Maimie/Leamy, but that route's not ideal for most people - I would be studying the characters mainly because it's a character driven piece, like the Bull for example (strong, dominating, close-minded etc.) or the Bird (weak, a follower etc.) or even Maggie. It's a very observant play. Also the community mentality - the play isn't really about the Bull, it's about the cult of silence. If you can get a few answers prepared you can work most questions around them (characters, scenes, events etc.) as there's only so much they can ask you.

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      hey guys i am doing my junior cert in june and was wondering if anyone had any help for irish. i am doing higher level and there isso much stuff to learn off. anything will help.

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      hi i only studied one poem 'Faoiléan' and it covers all the feelings and stuff.

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      Hi I'm doing my junior certain in a couple of days and was wondering for the field what would be the best relationship between certain characters to pick

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      bull and tadhg or the bull and bird

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      there is many different relationships. these include maimie and leamy, bull and tadhg, bull and the land(personified as a charachter) and maimie and mick(displays violence towards women)

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      hi am am doing my junior cert this June, and i was wondering what are the main themes of "The Field" by John B. Keane?

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      I'm doing tests tomorrow any way on to learn the dare?

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      And relationships in it ?

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