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    The Merchant of Venice.. laurenodwyer14

    "The Merchant of Venice" The most important scence is act 4 Scence one? How do i exlain my answer i need it for my exam it starts tomorrow? Help pleaseee...

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      Act 4 scene 1 is the courtroom scene. we learn a lot of new information here...we learn that shylock is a vengeful character when he says "I would have my bond." we also learn that Portia fools everyone into thinking she is a boy...she tells nerissa "we are both accoutered like young men." She is the only person to spot the loophole in the bond and it shows her intelligence " this bond doth give here no jot of blood." She realises that because shylock is a jew he is technically not a citizen of venice and is an "alien" (foreigner). Portia saves Antonios life also and she tells shylock that half his wealth will go to antonio and his life belong to the duke. she says "If it be proved against an alien that by direct or indirect attempts he seek the life of any citizen, the party 'gainst which he doth contrive shall sieze one half of his goods and the offenders life lies at the mercy of the duke only."

      Good luck with your exam!

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      thank you very very much,And thank you :)

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