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    Character Questions Chidudemon56

    Does anyone know how to get full marks for a character question?

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      i dont know about getting full marks on this question but try explaining all the characteristics of that character and give an example of where you got this information from (e.g if you are talking about portia in the merchant of venice you can say that "she is a prejudiced character because in act 1 scene 2 she talks to nerissa why she doesn't like her suitors and she gives a description of each before even getting to know them. this is why i think she is a prejudiced character".

      i also think it might be good if you give your own opinion of the character as well (e.g."in my opinion i think that bassanio always has that "someone" in his mind and we can clearly see that in act 1 scene 1 of the play he talks about portia to antonio with a dreamy look in his eyes as if he found his dream woman he was always thinking about"

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