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    Dulce et Decorum est note mathswhiz101

    hi guys, does anyone have notes on dulce et decorum est by wilfred owen. Imagery, language or theme, all appreciated!

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      actually, i have found good notes in other discussions, does anyone have notes on THE INTER by Michael.D.Higgins?

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      Omega Zero

      Do you mind sharing the notes :)

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      Do you not mean "The Prophets are Weeping"? I never heard of "The Inter"?

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      No, it is definetly "The Inter", yet i don't think it's commonly used for Junior Cert. It deals with the poets growing need to respect his daughters individuality. Its hard to find on the internet also. If you want to look it up you have to type in......The Inter by Michael d higgins and a load of the words, "watching you prepare for the Inter, my daughter, i see in the chaos of your room...

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      And Omega Zero, if you scroll down the lists of discussion there is another chat on dulce et decorum est where SyranBruen (above) posted loads of notes.

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