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    English hints for first year exams ?!! Dajlani

    could you please give me any ideas what might be on the summer exams for first years ??!

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      There's never any predictions, the teachers just randomly select poetry questions and comprehensions from exam papers. It's different in every school, there's no set test.

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      Im in second year and I can tell you that some teachers like picking some question from past junior cert papers. All my teachers do it and it is away to study help you study exactly what you will have. If you are studying, study things that will be on your test from past papers. This will really help you.

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      i asked my teacher since i am also in first year and they said that there would be comprehension questions and poetry questions. and if you are reading a book in class there might be questions on that as well.

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      Laura Lee

      Everything that you have studied since the beginning of the year is what I'm getting if that helps.

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