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    english paper one and two Anthony_4860

    How much do you have to write? per question ?

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      Alex F

      For the Personal Writing in Paper 1 it depends on what what form of writing you choose.

      Debate Writing is usually 2.5-3 A4 pages

      Personal Essays are somewhat the shortest but has to be really unique and it can take a while to form good paragraphs without repeating yourself. This is usually 2-2.5 A4 pages

      Short Stories are what my teacher describes " The Reason why you will run out of time" . Only go for it if you are really good at them or you get lucky and the story title is near enough something you practiced. These can range from 3-5 A4 pages

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      Paper one;

      Question B paper one - 1&1/2 - 2 pgs

      Short story/Personal essay - 4/5 pgs

      Paper two;

      King Lear - 4-5pgs

      Comparative - 7pgs

      Poetry (seen) - 4-5pgs

      Unseen - 1- 1&1/2pg

      Good luck, hope this helped! :)

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