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    english poetry sulkhan

    does anyone have a list of reccomended poems i should prepare for the exam? like poems that cover all potential areas to be asked on ?(relationship, nature etc)

    and also two poems by the same poet??

    (i was thinking of doing in memory of my mother by p kavanagh, mid-term break and blackberry picking by seamus heaney and dulce by wilfred owen)

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      You should take a look at a poem that covers war and violence. Our class did "Base Details" by Siegfried Sassoon. Also look at a poem with the topic of bullying, we did "Tich Miller" by Wendy Cope and "Back in the Playground Blues" by Adrian Mitchell.

      We did "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost to cover life choices.

      Hope this helps :)

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      thank you!!

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      we did daffodils and covered a lot of heaney poems like digging, blackberry picking, mid term break and the early purges along with a few local poems

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