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    English sample answers Cathy20155

    If anyone has any sample answers for anything in of mice and men that could be applied to most questions I'd really appreciate it!!?😋😋I really am aiming for an A in English but I got a c in the pres. I do at least 1 exam question every day. I have done every reading and every functional writing as well as many unseen questions. I have done 1 question from every year in studied poetry and I feel I am doing a lot but I don't feel I'm improving. Any tips to improve besides exam questions and learning quotes?

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      You should really do Romeo and Juliet, its much easier and more questions relate to it in my opinion. I did use Julius Caesar for my mocks and I got 82% so if you need help on one of them you can ask me

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      Sorry that's for the functional writing :P You should try and really learn off the most important scenes intro and outro. dont tell the story, give the meanings of it and your opinion

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      Of mice and men is my novel but I'm doing Romeo and Juliet for my play if you have sample answers for that

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      Of Mice and Men Revision Notes:

      This site has Of Mice and Men notes + a sample answer at the end:

      Romeo and Juliet Revision Notes:

      JC English (Higher) 2009: Paper 2 Section 1 Q2 Romeo and Juliet Sample Answer

      Of Mice and Men Sample Answers:

      I hope I helped!

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