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Fiction, Drama, Poetry
gra_hutcheson Junior Cert English — 06/06/16 7

How long should the essays on studied poetry, drama and fiction be? Thank you!

David10 — 04/06/16
3 A4 pages each.But in the exam if you can get a really good 2or 2 and a half page essay,you can still get full marks
Fiddlestix — 06/06/16
gra_hutcheson and David10 - Are you talking about all three essays (fiction and dram AND poetry) all together is 3 pages or 3 page essays for each section eg. Drama only
David10 — 06/06/16
3 pages per section
Fiddlestix — 06/06/16
Oh ok! Thank you David10!
JCScenes — 06/06/16
You don't need 3 pages. 1 and a half - 2 max
Georgeh13 — 06/06/16
You will only have about 25 mins to do the studied question of each section so you wont get 3 pages done
David10 — 06/06/16
I did in the mocks
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