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    Functional Writing and Poetry sarah_nunan

    Layout of an Article:


    *By-line (Author's name)


    *3 paragraphs-Detail 1,Detail 2 and Detail 3

    *Final Detail

    (Remember to put the most important information at the top of the article. ALWAYS BE UNBIASED UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION. There are two types of articles,feature-which is found in tabloids and is less formal- and reports- eg a report on a robbery)


    Consider your target audience, the points you'll be trying to make, the tone (A talk is less formal than a speech)correct address(Ladies and Gentlemen/ My fellow students), rhetorical questions, persuasive words like clearly,plainly,obviously,undoubtedly etc.

    Introduction:Address the audience,introduce yourself and what you are going to be talking about(grab the audience's attention)

    First persuasive point: Be definite in your point. Make up figures/percentages. Use a rhetorical question if you like.

    Second persuasive point: Include a quotation and more information.

    Third persuasive point: Optional but advisory.

    Conclusion:This should tie up the point of the speech or talk. This is your last chance to persuade the audience.

    Other Functional Writing Topics:

    Informal letter

    Formal Letter



    Descriptions of people/places/photographs

    The copy of an advertisement or other promotional brochure



    More to come on these later!

    When writing about the theme of a poem, always remember TROVE:

    T; Title= What we can understand of the poem from the title

    R; Rhythm=Punctuation(more punctuation=slow,deliberate,considered while less=passionate,emotion)

    O; Organisation=Structure of the poem

    V;Voice(Tone) Is it angry,happy,emotionless,nostalgic etc.

    E; Expressions (language which the poet uses)

    Use plenty of quotes and always indent them!

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