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luckymolly101 Junior Cert English — 14/09/17 5

I am just wondering about the new english paper for the Junior cert. I heard that in 2017 and 2018 they are averaging all tests you do throughout the year and your Junior cert test to get your score for your Junior cert. I just want to know if this is true. My teacher told us just the english test was going to change.

itssasssh — 11/08/17
I'm not sure, I'd also like to find out! I don't really understand the new Junior Cycle.
daisy23 — 12/08/17
I'm not too sure on this as I didn't do the new junior cycle but from what I know 40% of your grade is continuous assessment and 60% is the exam in June. The continuous assessment includes an oral (giving a speech you prepared) and some written work I think. Sorry I don't know anymore but hopefully this was of some help.
luckymolly101 — 12/08/17
SimpelEgg — 30/08/17
That didn't happen for us; we had an assessment that was worth 10% of our total mark based on the collection of texts task (which I assume you're familiar with). It was fairly easy and took up two English classes where you watch a video and read the questions in the first one and answer in the second. We didn't do the oral or anything else, so the written paper was worth 90%. It might have been different for us because we were the first year and it was very disorganised.
Laoise Allen — 14/09/17
you will have CBA (class room based assesment ) whick i believe is worth 10%
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