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    Help with personal writing Mason

    For my junior cert I am planning to learn an extract from a John Green novel as my essay, although it is very hard to tell what novel it comes from (changed the characters names plus the event that I learned from the story is not that memorable), my question is, is it likely that I will be caught? Do examiners usually check essays on the internet?

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      they actually might as this is a very important exam and they might check to see if its ur original composition but at th same time they might not as they are teachers as well and hav A LOT of exams to correct tht by the time they get to urs (considering tht ur one is not th e first one) he/she might not even bother to do tht. but i would try to learn an essay i hav wrote myself just to b on th safe side if they mark u 0 for an essay worth 40 marks buyt if u write ur own one there is more chance in getting marks there.

      good luck watever u choose to do in june

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