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How many marks will I lose for messing up the studied fiction question?
jackkfleming Junior Cert English — 08/06/16 9

I made an absolute balls of the desert Island question and only said a character I like, not one I don't like. Considering it was worth 30 marks how many could I get (highest amount)

Mairéadmc13 — 08/06/16
They will probably divide it up into 2 equal parts so you will probably get a maximum of 15 marks. Don't worry though you can still do well on the other questions. ��
nms2001 — 08/06/16
15 marks is the highest you could get :)
Maee — 08/06/16
I did the exact same question I only did it on atticus
sorecauvanesa — 08/06/16
I did the same but I think that you'll get half the marks
mathswhiz101 — 08/06/16
omg so did i
DarParty — 08/06/16
i made sure i did both parts damn i feel sorry for you guys
jackkfleming — 08/06/16
It's so unfair, if they had two separate questions they're supposed to separate them into two different parts
mathswhiz101 — 08/06/16
@jackkfleming literally everyone in my class made that mistake
Conor McCann
Conor McCann — 08/06/16
I did that AND I did the two dramas which made me rush the exam. I'm very much f--ked
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