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    how to get A ? student331

    I try my best at English and I think I've tried everything but I only get Bs and I don't know how to improve. If you have any tips can you please share because at this point I don't know what else to try.

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      Make everything personal. Say 'This affected me...', 'I believe...', 'I found this to be interesting because...' and anyway you can make your Paper 2 answers personal as that is what the examiners are looking for. A great thing to catch an examiner by surprise is to talk about how colours represent different emotions, e.g red = anger, blue = despair/loneliness, etc. Also. always make sure you repeat and rephrase the question to link it back to what you were asked.

      For Paper 1, put a lot of effort into your essays. I suggest the speech/debate as you are likely to receive extremely high marks if you come across as passionate about your topic. I got an A on my mock from doing these and from constantly practising questions and revising my novel, play and poems inside and out. Try all of these and remember you are going to do better than you did in the mocks because they will not mark you as hard. Hope this helps!

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      Thank you

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      Have a plan as to what you might write about in the 70 mark question before you go in and it will help you to write the story without too much thinking during it.. Stick to time guidelines.. Learn quotes and make sure you have enough time for the last question on paper two as this is generally not finished or the worst answered..

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