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    How to get an A AJRH

    How do you get an A in English? What do examiners want?

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      I got an A, and being honest I did not study until 2 days before the actual JC. But I definitely recommend studying!! In the mock I got a C. I think i got the A because my story was quite imaginative and structured well, always plan your story before so you don't go off topic or your story doesn't get boring. For the drama make sure to back up statements with quotes.

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      How do you plan à story

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      how long does the unseen drama length of each question for 15 marks need to be? thanks

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      i think it needs to be at least a paragraph or half a page because in english you need to write a lot for marks

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      yeah thanks very much! will you be doing the unseen Shakespearean drama or the unseen other drama?

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      most like unseen drama because you can actually get what they are saying whereas in a shakespearean drama you won't have a clue and you'll just be making a mess in trying to answer it

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      yeah I don't understand any of the Shakespearean drama so I was thinking of doing the other one but my teacher advised me to do the Shakespearean drama but I know I will fail that one haha

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      lol just do what you think is best even in class I learned the Daffodils by williams worthsworth off by heart and we did'nt even cover it. The examiners does not care what you do as long as you get the answer he/she wants. Go for the easier options are you will get the better result, it's a no brainer to be honest

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      yeah ok thank you :)

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      do you live in dublin?

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      no I don't :)

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