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    I did really bad..? naxmax9

    English is by far my best subject and my favourite. I always get A's in English. I got 94% on my summer exam, 95% on my Easter Test, 91% on my Christmas exam (2nd year) and 100% on my Halloween test. but all of a sudden I got 55%?? We had only 1 question on our exam. Personal writing. I'm in third year by the way. I wrote 10 pages and got 55% and I made sure to proofread it and I went over it 10 times. Is it because I picked the easiest topic? I wrote about a storm. I know it's common but is that why I got 55%? I'd never thought I'd ask this, but how do I get an A in English again. How can I get an A for the J.C?

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      Only 1 qs on the exam ?? that's weird

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      EA01: I know right. It was out of 70marks only and it was our final exam before our mocks. Then again we haven't even done any personal or functional writing.

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      Ask your teacher why they gave you that mark. They'll help you and explain why you got the mark and how to improve you might not have fit into the questions parameters properly or something

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      ahhhhh here dats lousy go up to da teacher and b like '' how r things baii where my A i wanted '' he'll tell u and u'll b like 'thanks boii'' and den u go home and rewrite da essay add a bigger introduction and conclisssion and add 5 personal para;s

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      I'm going to ask him tomorrow why i got that. My friend who only wrote 1 page got 81..sigh. I wrote 10 and get a C.

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      Quality not quantity

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      Even if you write loads and loads with few grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, it won't mean anything if your story/article/debate is as dull as dishwater. It's meant to be a good piece of writing, not a sleeping pill. A lot of students don't realise this, write pages and pages more than other people, and then get annoyed when other people who wrote less get higher marks. How much you write is probably the LEAST important thing in personal writing. A good story should have an engaging plot, interesting characters and a descriptive setting. A debate should use techniques like rhetorical questions, have an introduction, a conclusion, 3/4 main points, and so on. That said, if you have a unique way of going a little off-script, so to speak, and your writing is still interesting, you won't lose marks. The main thing is that the examiner is entertained by your writing. I haven't seen what you wrote though, so I can't judge it. What E.Devitt said about not fitting into the question's parameters could also be the problem, but I doubt just picking the topic about the storm came into it. You wouldn't have been punished solely for that, but if a lot of people picked the same topic and wrote about it better than you, that might've impacted on your marks, as it makes your writing look worse.

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      Okay, I got 38/70 on my exam. We got it back. My teacher said I lost marks because I wrote too much.

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      da dont makes sence!

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