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    Improving Cathy20155

    I usually get A's in my christmas and summer tests etc but I got a really low C (60%) in the mocks. Is it still realistic for me to get an A in June. I just don't want to aim higher than possible and disappoint myself :/

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      I think it's possible. I have never gotten less than an A in English and although I haven't received my English mock back yet I know that I probably only got a C. The English mocks are almost just a practice for timing during exams as timing is such an important part of the English exam. Just make sure to learn all the quotes you can for your studied drama, novel and poems. Practice unseen questions from the exam papers and get used to what type of questions come up each year as they are usually extremely similar. For paper 1, there isn't loads you can prepare. Just make sure you know how to write letters/reports/speeches for the functional writing section as that section has strict marking for grammar and expression. For personal writing, do what you're comfortable with. Practice past questions from the personal writing section and make sure that you know how to write speeches, short stories and personal essays, even if you have already decided that you will not write a speech or whatever for the exam. You never know what will come up on the day. I think you could get an A by just putting in the work from now till June. My English teacher said that people who get Bs and Cs in the mocks will most likely go up to an A by the time the junior cert comes around if they continue to work consistently. Good luck! Let's hope we can both get As :)

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