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    jc english companygirl

    whats the best way to study english havent done any study. i wana get B or C but at this rate im gona fail

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      Do loads of exam questions and go over poetry and your drama pieces!

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      Okay thank u im what wat notes should i study for drama (romeo and juliet) and the novel

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      I did not even study one single bit of English and passed the test in my mocks I am same as you I wanna get a C in my English, I would be really happy with that

      As well, I might just study the day before the exams, I found doing exam papers over and over again, especially at this stage useless and time consuming, your better off learning for all your subjects

      I am going to study debates,reviews,repors,novel,play,poem just day before exam, sure be grand like, lol ;)

      I do H level English btw

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      Haha bit of a chancer ;) im gona do exam Q with notes so ill hav sample answers and advertising etc. Me too H level :/

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      just plan each question with about 3-4 points each and use p.q.e

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      Wait-YOU HAVE got a drama and novel done, yes? Otherwise, you're screwed. The folens versions of dramas have handy notes at the end of each scene. That should probably cover you there. For your novel, just do character profiles, 5 points on the main theme and pick one of your favourite scenes and do out points why. For poetry then, have sample answers of 4 out of the 8 poems studied-they should all have varied themes. Hope this helps :D

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      Thats great thanks at least ino what to focus on now :)

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      I've never studies for english and i'm so bad at it.. These tips helped so thanks :)

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      I've never studies for english and i'm so bad at it.. These tips helped so thanks :)

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      There are 7 sections of English

      Reading - You don't really need to study for this

      Personal Writing - It is marked this way

      Content: 20 (Ideas, points ect)

      Structure: 15 (Layout ect)

      Expression: 30 (Range of vocabulary)

      Mechanics: 5 (Spellings, grammar, punctuation)

      TOTAL: 70

      Functional Writing - Letter layouts is the only thnig I'm familiar with on this so I can't help you here

      Media Studies - I'm not yet familiar with this section

      Drama - Studied Drama: learn about main characters, main themes, main scenes and the setting of your studied drama. Also, include the name of the play and the writer. Unseen Drama: Shakesperean Drama is difficult to understand, and I wouldn't recommend it despite the fact that some of the words are explained. I'd recommend answering the Other Drama

      Poetry - Studied Poetry: Like with drama, include the name of your chosen poem/poet. You may be asked a question(s) about a poem OR a poet so familiarise yourself about both of them. Learn about themes of your studied poems, and the poem techniques the poet uses. Unseen Poetry: Try and find poetic techniques and themes of these poems too. It may be more difficult than the studied poetry though.

      Fiction - Studied Fiction: You will have read 3 novels from 1st-3rd year, so you can answer on any 3. Although, some may be more recommended than others, ask your teacher. Learn about the characters, themes and settings of the novels too.

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