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    Junior cert the merchant of Venice? Elisha447

    I'm trying to study the merchant of Venice for my mocks on Tuesday!!

    I am writing a summary, learning quotes and scenes( the casket choosing and the court scene) should I learn the final scene aswell incase they ask about a happy ending??

    Also what are the top characters I should study in depth?

    Would Shylock be a good 'villian' character?

    Are there any other interesting things I should study about this drama that might come up in mocks and junior cert?? Thanks x

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      Study the theme of Law, Mercy and Revenge. The quotes for this tie is perfectly with the Trial Scene. Also you need to study Antonio or Portia as you could easily be asked about contrasting characters. I'm not learning about Act 5, Scene 1 as it is boring and there's not enough content (in my opinion) to write about it. Basically, if you're asked about a character, I'd go with Shylock as he's the best one and most interesting!

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      These should really help you. Good luck on Tuesday!

      attachment Characters & Themes.pdf

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      Thanks so much!!

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