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Messed up poetry section
Elisha447 Junior Cert English — 09/06/16 3

Did anyone else Mis read the poetry question for poems have the power to change how we think? I did!! I wrote about the wild swans at Coole and how it changes our views on the world around us. But I only talked about the post about twice!! And I only talked about one poem!! What happens now will I get any marks??

Elisha447 — 08/06/16
I didn't talk about the poet
Emily_4993 — 08/06/16
Literally everyone messed up on that question. I got halfway through before realising then had to restart ��. I think maybe since so many messed up on it they might have to mark it easier? Idk
Salman — 09/06/16
You didn't have to talk about the poem did you?, it just says name the poet and talk about their poetry
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