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    Notes and tips to Junior Certs JadeSheehan

    Anyone needing help with higher level English for the junior cert feel free to ask. Happy to help anyone! :)

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      How do I prepare for the functional writing??

      Any other tips just to focus on so I can get a good grade! Thanks

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      Do you have any notes on the poems 'Base Details', 'An Irish Airman Foresees his Death' and 'But You Didn't'?

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      I already posted notes for Base Details K_684 in a different thread (recently) in this English forum

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      K_684 I have notes on Base Details. For the functional writing exam papers exam papers and brain storm! If you find a question hard just keep repeating and make out a folder of notes Wemi!

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      I will post notes on Base Details which are of a high standard later on this evening. I did not do the other 2 poems for my junior cert unfortunately.

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      Wemi Aoifes notes provides lots of tips on everything here is the link: it has samples etc which is very good. Click the link here:

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      Thank you so much!

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      Anytime! Happy to help!

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      Here are notes on Siegfried Sassoons Base Details! Always loved trying different notes! This one really helped me! Hope this helps!

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      Thank you! These are really helpful!

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      No problem! For further help or anything needed by anyone please make sure to comment! :)

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      how do you prepare for the essay I can never get higher than a c

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      Practice practice and more practice! Mind map out a story whatever it may be and do rough mind map of your idea. It's key!

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      Which style of writing is best and gets most marks on the personal writing section?

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      you get more marks if your essay is very imaginative and creative

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      The problem is I'm not creative :(

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      How can you prepare the essay.. Is it okay to just make it up on the day?? And did u ever do the merchant of Venice?

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      im not creative either so what I would say is choose a topic i.e. that has happened to you before. For example: a place that you find interesting. I would choose a real place that I once visited

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      Which poems should i study and what should i study for them, i have only done mid-term break, base details and dolce et decorum est?

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      Any input on the essay titles for personal writing? PLEASE haha its so my worst section (well, not really I just find it hard to be that creative :0) Oh and also perhaps you have a recommendation for what kind of questions are under functional writing?

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