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    Pens??? dervla1999

    okay, I don't know if this seems stupid or not, but I'm pretty sure everyone has been half way through exams (especially English) and there hands hurt like crazy. This results in pain and taking breaks we cant afford!!!

    So, does anyone have any suggestions on what pens are the best for exams? I've heard ballpoints aren't the best.

    Thanks in advance :)

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      i have the same problem

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      As far as I know a recent study suggested that pens with blue ink are statistically softer on the hands than black ink, I'm not sure whether this has been further investigated or not by it seems to make logical sense.

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      Yeah I always use blue because black doesn't look as nice when you write a lot. Thanks for the tip, but does anyone have any brand suggestion??

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      you can stabilo easy-write pens in easons for a few euro. They are smooth to write with and fit your hand nicely. Worth taking a look at, especially for the english paper

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      Thanks :) I'll have a look in easons

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      i use Paper Mate Flexigrip Ultra, you can them in blue or black and they never seem to cause any pain or anything:)

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      Thanks :) I might buy a few of both pens that have been suggested just in case

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      A bit late to the party but i find the ole fashioned feather and ink a reliable yet delicate pen that fits the bill look to invest in one.

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