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    Personal essay help !!! Roo15

    Should I Learn off an essay I already have written out or make it up on the spot ? Also does any one know any characters that have a relationship in to kill a mocking bird ???

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      No i wouldn't learn one off but have nice phrases that you could use in your essay. And I'd say that Atticus and scout have a relationship or even jem

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      Thanks so much what could you say if a relationship question came up ?

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      Our teacher usually advices us to make up an essay on the spot so we don't learn off an essay and end up wasting time learning if off and the topic not coming up and I'm making a list of 6 different relationships between characters in tkm so it will be easier to make valid points, Jem and scout, scout and dill, atticus and scout, Jem and dill, atticus and Jem, scout and boo and then have a seperate quote to support each one

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      Well, Atticus has encouraged scout to grow up as an individual rather than forcing her to fit in with the prevailing notions of what a typical southern girl should be like etc.

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      I'm so nervous right for tomorrow

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      I'm so nervous for tomorrow*

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      I think everyone is but if you write down what you know your bound to get some marks :)

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      Yeah. What exam are you most worried for?

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      History and maths :)

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      How about you :)?

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      The best to kill a mockingbird relationship to study is Atticus and Scout and he helps her to develop and grow up, also he has a lot of useful quotes in the book so you'll have more to write about :) good luck!

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      omg maths I'm definitely going to fail

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      Thanks so much

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      Honours is the worst :)

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      Definitely honours maths

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      These ideas helped me so much! Good luck everybody :)

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      Good luck to u anoushka q are you India

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      Good luck to you too. We're all going to do great. Positive, Mental, Attitude

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