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    personal writing 2016 paper annie1996

    what topic did you pick for personal writing? i done sibling rivalry and overall i was happy with my personal writing

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      A Eureka Moment, Think i did fairly well. Dreading tomorrow tho

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      same i did sibling rivalry

      and same i was happy with it

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      I did Eureka moment also

      Buzzing for tomorrow

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      I did message in a bottle! Did you fiction paper 2 hard? I thought studied poetry and fiction was impossible ! :(

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      * did you find

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      i found the unseen fiction manageable and for the studied i did the island question. I basically said are characteristic of the character and the how it could help me on the island!

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      are yeer supervisors nice?

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      mine kept glaring at me 4 lookin at the window and started looking at the tree outside to see if i had notes on it but other than that she was nice

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      i was sat right infront of my supervisor and he kept staring at me writing it as kinda weird tbh other than that he was nice enough

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      I honestly thought that the drama was manageable enough but the poetry and fiction were horrible! I was rushing through fiction and I finished my exam one minute before. My superintendent is nice haven't got anything else to say about her 😂😂

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      Ya same! Our supervisor is terrible she lets people talk and everything.. It's so hard to concentrate :/

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      wait ur examiner let people talk????????????? Elisha447

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