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    personal writing help! ellencoburn

    Any tips AT ALL on how to get a good mark in personal writing? Definitely struggle with it the most on paper 1

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      DD kid

      Im the same but a speech is always one of the options so you should practise speech techniques ect

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      Its either going to be a short story, a speech or a personal essay.

      Go through the exam papers and do this question, look through your answers and consider where you might be losing marks and learn how to fix this, if you still dont know ask your teacher.

      Make sure too show off your vocabulalry, use varied sentance length and keep an eye on spelling.

      It should be 2-3 A4 pages.

      If youre doing a short story keep it simple over a short time period, it is more important to have a character the reader can connect than to have an intricate storyline. describe all the characters clearly and in detail. let the reader get to know the character through what they do and how they feel not what you say about is important that the story can grab the readers attention and make them feel emotions.The story needs to progress ; a character could make a decision, have a change of heart or do something exciting, make sure you have a very strong opening and closing line because these need to grab the readers attention and leave them with a lasting impression.

      Good luck x

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      Thank you soo much

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