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    Poems.How many should we learn sebin

    How many poems should we learn and exactly what type of themes might u recommend

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      You should learn at least 2 poems, 3 if you want to be safe. The poems that I am learning are Dulce est Decorum et and Base Details.

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      and daffoldils

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      ok thxs

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      You should learn a couple of poems by the same poet, because there may be a question asking about a poets "work", this means that you can write on more than one poem, which will allow you to write more than just writing on just one poem.

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      I'm learning 3 different poems incase they day a poem on nature,relationships war etc.

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      Wow, we are told to learn six of them ... I can see why though , they can ask anything from the contrasting poems we have.

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      Try learn at least 2 or possibly 3, its good to have poems with different themes but with two having a slightly similar theme

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      learn more than I'm learning 8 over the course of today to be absolutley comfortable with questions

      1 the early purges

      2 dulce et decorum est

      3 the man he killed

      4from clearances

      5 blackberry picking

      6 those winter sundays

      7 midterm break

      8 the inter

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      Learn about 8 to be safe, I have 15 and 2 studied poets

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      8 seems a bit much, 6 would cover all themes: What I have:

      Lake Isle Of Innisfree

      I felt a funeral in my brain

      An Irish Airman Forsees his death


      Hope is the thing with feathers

      And Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

      There we have Naturisim, hope,mental illness, death, solitude, Love,parenthood,children, War, Conflict, Politics, Love and relationships. We studied two of Emily Dickinson's poems in great detail so we have enough to talk about her style EG. Erratic punctuation and sibilance.

      No need to cram eight poems into your brain if you have the right ones.

      Good luck everyone!

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      If i'm missing any "key" themes, i'd love to hear from you all, but I seriously doubt it as I was covered for the mocks and every question i've looked at from past paper.

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      thxs crazyforfantasy

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