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    Poetry section Ciararm


    What is the recommended number of poems to have prepared for the exam? Also what poems are best to learn? I have three séamus heaney,two love themed poems and two war poems prepared.

    Thank you.

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      i think the course recommends you to study 20 poems, but i went into the exam with about 4. it wasnt a great idea originally, but i could use 2 of them for the junior cert this year so i was covered. just learn 2 poems with similar theme, one about love of nature or place, a war poem and a poem written by 2 authors, so you can comment on their work. generally you can use one of them in your answer, but you have to be clever and try to fit the poem into the question on the day if none of the topics come up. i learned daffodils, the boys of barr na sraide and i am kerry both by sigerson clifford and lake isle of inishfree. i had dulce et decorum est and base details as a backup because i did them just before the exam, but i only had a brief summary and didnt learn anything off from them. hope this helps :)

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      If I were you I wouldn't be too worried about how many poems you have.

      Quality over Quantity.

      Focus on the Philosphy/Style of the poet

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      Hey I did the Junior Cert two years ago and got an A in English so I hope I may be some help!

      First of all I'd reccommend you pick around 6 poems that you are going to know inside out, like the back of your hand going into the exam! Make sure they are very diverse so they cover you in every area, so one about war (Dulce es Decorum est), life (Road not Taken) think you get the jist! Learn about 4 really strong quotes from each poem and have sample answers done before the exams so your ideas are already formed and not made up on the spot.

      The biggest tip I can give you aswell is not to tell the story of the poem line by line it is literally the worst thing you could do. Explain what is going on in the poem by talking about theme, alliteration, the opening line and the ending but never by telling the story!

      Hope this helps and any other problems don't hesitate to ask ☺️

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