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    Pre examination markings irishyank

    How do they mark the English Junior Cert exams? I got docked marks in some of the questions but why? Why were my answers not deserving of full marks? What was wrong with the answer? Just thinking out loud. Can anyone help? x Thanks.

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      im pretty sure they mark it on mechanics( spelling and grammar), structure( paragraphs and PQE or SEE), content (what you write) and if you answered the question fully and correctly, because sometimes there are more parts to a question than what appears. i know how you feel, in the pre i wrote and learned off answers and still managed not to get the grade in the particular question, but i excelled in others. it might just be the taste of the examiner and if you were corrected along with the rest of the class, if you all used the same novel and poem, it creates a certain level and standard without the examiner doing it on purpose. so if there is someone better than you in a certain topic in english, your answer might be A standard, but if their answer is better you might slip down to a B. hope this helped

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      Thanks granners. Yeah I know what you mean. Everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes I just think its unfair and not a proper way to be evaluated. Best of luck in June!

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