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    Preparation help? HannahK

    What answers should I prepare for poetry, fiction and drama?

    Poetry: a poet

    two poems that deal with a certain theme

    Drama: a relationship

    a character or two

    a theme

    a scene

    Fiction: a relationship

    a scene

    a character

    ^^^ is this enough? Any tips are welcome, as Im desperate. :-) Thanks

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      if you go through the exam papers and just see if you would be able to answer them all it would help or if you wrote out a short plan for each one saying what quotes you would use and make sure you know enough of the quotes

      setting questions, questions on the opening scene and the ending can also come up

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      Thank you :))

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      two poems with the same theme came up last year, so probably won't come up again this year. just know two poems with two different themes :)

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      look at past exam paper there really helpful

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      Thanks everyone x

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