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    Robert frost 'Road not taken'' techniques . kinchino123

    One of the techniques used by Frost is repetition. Successive sentences beginning with "and", as demonstrated in the first stanza, saying, "AND sorry I could not travel both/ AND be one traveller.../ And looked down one as far..."

    This is indicative of Frost's persona's extended deliberating over his decision.

    Another technique:

    Frost changes from past tense to future tense in the last stanza, thus developing an anticipating, predictive tone, showing that he assumes he will be happy of his choice - the road less travelled - when he looks back on it later in life.

    3rd technique:

    The poem is written in first person, giving it a very personal tone, and allowing the reader to observe the workings of the persona's mind

    4th technique:

    Inverted word syntax - again, demonstrates deliberation and decision making, shows reader what he is thinking

    5th technique:

    extended metaphor throughout the poem, representing different journeys/paths we take on our inner and external journeys.

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      this is really helpful, thanks!

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