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    SHORT STORY HELP PLEASE!!!!!! Caoimheflynn26

    My English teacher has said that the plot of my short story is excellent but I have not created enough tension. I was wondering does anyone have any tips on how to create tension in a short story. It is the story I am hoping to be able to use in my junior cert so this is important to me!!

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      short sentences

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      Depends on what tension

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      make it dramatic


      I heard it again. It was the sound of footsteps moving closer and closer to me. In the shadows I saw a figure. Between two hands I could make out the shape of a gun.......pointed at me.

      as the figure came closer I recognised the face.

      It was him.

      (this line specify who it is, e.g. it was my brother)

      putting spaces like these helps make the scene more tense

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      p.s i didnt mean to put in a space between pointed at me and as the figure came closer.....

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      Use plot twists, but not enough to make the story dizzying or hard to follow. Descriptive verbs e.g. 'whirled' 'raced' or 'snapped' are helpful. Build the story up to a climax and ask rhetorical questions if you want.

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