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    Should I learn off a story? Banik

    Many of my friends are learning off a story and are just thinking of rewriting it in the exam.

    Should I do that, four-ish days is more than enough time, so I'm just wondering if anyone else would do the same. BTW, since you can't prepare something for the speech, what do you do?


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      Brian Lambe

      That is a good move

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      You're really taking a risk of learning off one story. My teacher told me to learn off 2 stories at least and I am.

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      learn off 1

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      Have two to be on the safe side and Timpiste is always a good one to have. And learn if vocab from other sceals so you can adapt. The story you learn off may not fit the question entirely so you need to adapt or you could lose some marks.

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      Timpiste? This is English Beckamulhall hahaha.

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      OOPS OMG LOL I thought it was Irish.

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      Never mind disregard my comment guys

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      Depends on the person. I'm not learning off any because I know I'd just panic, forget half of it and end up writing a paragraph that makes no sense. I didn't learn one off for the mocks and it worked out grand, so learn one if you want but don't be afraid to try another title

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      Don't learn off a story have a few characters in mind that you can fit into plots on the day. That way you can twist the plot to suit the title on the day. It also means you can be as creative as you want, as learned off stories are generally dull, and you want the examiner to be impressed by your writing skills

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