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    Speech and debates Ton55

    For functional writing everyone says to aim for about 3 a4 pages but i think it would be hard to fill out this much on a speech or debate... does anyone have any tips to help with this???

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      My English teacher says it's quality not quantity, if you right a great speech in 1 and a half A4 pages then don't worry! I'm a higher level student and I do be lucky to get 2 A4 pages so don't worry

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      No where near 3 pages. In my mocks I wrote a page and got full marks and my writing is big. A page and a half would be amazing, but someone questions like a flyer could only be half a page. Are you sure, that they weren't talking about personal writing? For that you should aim for 3 pages.

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      Sorry yeah I meant to say personal writing. Debates normally come up on that and I think it'd be difficult to fill 3A4 pages on a debate..

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      No it's not. 3 pages would be the bare minimum. You should try and do it, because very few people try it.

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      Debates are really good because you are marked for the techniques you use rather than your ability whereas in the short story you are marked on your ability to write and phrase. Its great if you aren't great at making stories up.

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      Yeah I tend to go for debates if the topic is good because I'm really bad at making stories

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