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    Speech/debate introduction? ellencoburn

    Anyone know what kind of introduction should be used for a speech/debate? You know where you have to address the chairperson and stuff? Thanks!

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      Tell everyone present what the motion is and then say if you agree or disagree with the motion. Next outline your main points and if you are in a group make sure everyone in your group gets a say.

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      "Chairperson, Ladies and Gentlemen my name is ..................... and I am here today to propose/oppose the motion .................................." That should about do it.

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      Ladies and gentlemen, chairperson, adjudicator, members of the opposition and fellow classmates, my name is _____ and I am here today to talk to you about the motion ______. I will be proposing/opposing this motion as I believe ___. I will address the following points, ____________. I hope that by the end of this debate/speech you will have learnt something new and that I habe changed your outlook on _____

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      when starting off with ur speech/debate......

      1) be on topic e.g just get to the point

      2) welcome yourself/ far well e.g ''hello my name is _______________ and I will be talking about ______________ for my speech/debate.

      3)pep talk e.g be ready to answer question being told to you

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