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    struggling need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O'Gradaigh

    Struggling and finding English tough,Im doing junior cycle and don't know a lot about it.Can anyone suggest ways of helping me for my junior cert,thanks appreciate advice.

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      Reading sample answers from 'examit' website is always a good place to start to improve English grades.

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      cheers Michael

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      Just chill out for a while okay the exam isn't till next June !! Yeah reading sample answers from the examit website helped me and also going on to the sec website and going into the marking scheme for the paper to see what ideal ideas the examiner was looking for in the paper hope this helps ya

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      cheers Nicole were would I receive good notes?

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      check up the new junior cert english syllabus, as it might give you more of an indication as to what you have to study. in order to practise, look at the sample papers on and practise older reading comprehensions, media studies, functional writing and any extra sections like poetry, in order to improve your english grade and to get a taste of what is expected at junior cert

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      thanks granners appreciate it

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      As said above, it's really important to practice past papers. Try to time yourself while you're doing it, and you'll find that you pick up new techniques. What I personally benefited from was reading the questions before the comprehension for example, and choosing which two questions (if it's optional of course!) to answer. Then, while reading the comprehension, I would highlight quotes/phrases relevant to each question in a different coloured highlighter. This makes forming your answer a little easier and prevents you from losing your train of thought.

      Sometimes teachers are willing to correct a little extra work if you'd like some more feedback. If not, look at marking schemes and review your own work critically - circle any mistakes you find and so on. E-xamit can be very helpful for referencing this and it can give you some good examples of what to be included, although their sample answers aren't always of a high standard in my opinion.

      Possibly most importantly is to read. It doesn't really matter what you read, but finding a book you enjoy can really improve your standard of English and expand your vocabulary. I found that picking up new words or phrases was really beneficial and shows an examiner that you're willing to go that extra mile. Sorry it's so long, I hope this helps and best of luck with it in the future! :)

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      thanks every much for the advice Ciara

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      I have notes at €12 per subject ..

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      The essay on paper one is worth a quarter of the marks really focus on this and find the essay type you feel most comfortable writing.. eg short story, speech, personal essay

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      The new English course is very different & there is only 1 two hour paper. Be careful to not spend time looking at notes from the old junior cert. You are expected to have a collection of your writing which replaces writing an essay in the exam.

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      Look at my thread on Junior Cert! I put a lot of notes there that may help!

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      thanks guys

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      Have a good range of vocab

      The JC English Paper will be marked on;


      Structure (paragraphs etc)

      Expession (good range of vocab)

      Mechanics (full stops, capital letters, correct syntax)

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      The new JC English exam is linked to learning outcomes which should be covered in your English classes:

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