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    Studied novel/short story Amy O'Callaghan

    Do you need quotes? My teacher said that they weren't necessary but now I'm looking through the exam papers and it says 'provide reference from your consensus text'. I was never very nervous for English before, but now I am!

    Please answer! 😊

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      Provide reference from your chosen* text

      Sorry !

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      they really are if you are aiming for a decent grade. just learn of a list of 20 going through relevant ones, because they are evidence and if you are stuck make it up if you have the gist. if you dont know them at all dont bluff quotes as they are generally well known especially if the examiner reads the same quote over and then yours is different

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      Thanks so much! 😊 do you think that it would be okay to just make a reference to a part if the novel, and not quote specifically? For example just describe what happened but not directly quote from the novel? And also, what kinds of quotes should I chose? I studied 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. How do I know which quotes to pick?

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      i would suppose that would be grand. if you are chosing quotes go through the last five years of exam questions and just write a few points on each question. lets say an interesting theme came up(ie death), i havent read the book, but i know she faces death and a lot of people get killed, and say you found it interesting because you have been affected by it(it doesnt have to be real) so choose quotes from each of those sections. try to only have a max. of 20 quotes to make it easier to learn them and if you dont have them off just have a gist at least

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      Thanks so much 😊

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