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    Studying Personal Writing cici10


    What's the best way to study personal writing? I narrowed this down to my worst part of my mocks. I got 60% of the marks in the question compared to 70% in most other questions.

    How do I improve?



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      Hi! This website can help you in many aspects of English, including personal writing:

      Hope it helps :)

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      if you are doing the short story i know people in my class are learning it off but im doing the speech and the best thing is to practise and revise the techniques

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      For me i found that describing things really vividly can get you a lot of marks. instead of writing 4 pages of story I personally would write a full 2 pages on just the tempestuous weather rustling through my jet black hair and the other 2 on the actual story.This prevents mind block because you only have to think of 2 pages of story compared to 4.To practice get the most boring things and people and describe them in your head its actually a lot of fun.

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      Go through past exam questions on the personal essay. Pick a title and see if you can get enough points on it quickly. This will get you thinking in a descriptive way faster

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