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    Summer exam Ciararm


    Well this year the topics included in my English summer exam are studied fiction and poetry and unseen fiction and poetry. For Christmas the topics were studied fiction and unseen fiction. The exam duration is one and a half hours, at Christmas I merely finished and went over time. I'm extremely worried now because I know I will not have the time to finish the exam! What will I do?

    I tend to write extra than required though and if I attempt writing faster my writing is incomprehensible. Trust me.


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      plan you time so you have equal amounts of time for questions with equal marks

      if you run out of time on a section stop and go onto the next question, you can always go back to it at the end if you have time

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      If your teacher doesnt go over the time frame for each question try to estimate leaving an extra 15-20 minutes for checking over and if one question takes longer then expected

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      Try and calculate the time for the exam , if you have three sections then spend thirty minutes on each section or if you have five , spend 15 - 18 minutes on each section

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