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    Time management Cdevoy

    Does any one have tips for time management in both papers?

    How long should you spend on each question and what order should you do them in ?


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      Hope this helps:

      In PAPER ONE:

      READING~ 40 marks ~30 mins ~1 1/2 A4 pgs

      Personal writing :( ~70 marks!! ~2 3 A4 pgs

      Functional writing ~30 marks ~1 1/2 A4 pgs

      Media studies ~40 marks ~1 1/2 A4 pgs

      My teacher suggested doing Personal writing first as it is the most crucial, and is worth both functional writtng and media st together!

      PAPER TWO:

      Unseen Drama-30marks-25 mins 1 1/2 A4pgs

      Studied " -30 marks-25mins- 1 1/2A4 pgs

      Unseen Poetry -30 marks- 25 mins- 1 1/2 A4 pgs

      Studied Poetry -30 marks 25mins- 1 1 1/2- 2 A4 pages

      and finally!!!

      Unseen Fiction- 30 marks -25 mins -1 1/2 a4 pgs

      Studied Fiction -30 marks -25 mins- 1 1/2 a4pgs

      Good Luck tomorrow!! Btw Paper 2 is a handful as you most likely know from the mocks! So try your hardest to answer everything and WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! X :)

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      Thanks 👍🏻

      Good luck to you too!

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      You need to be writing at least 2 pages for the studied stuff. 3, if your writing is big.

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